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SEO Expert in Delhi

My name is Soni Bharati, I am an Adwords specialist and SEO expert in Delhi with almost 20,000 hours spent optimizing my clients’ SEO actions. After several experiences in an agency and with a large e-merchant, I decided to put my expertise to the benefit of the people who start their business. Craftsman, dance teacher, sports coach, small bar or restaurant, Osteopath, hairdresser….

My goal is to fully understand your objective in order to provide you with a relevant strategy and support you in achieving it.

My freelance SEO service in Delhi consists in the creation of a complete digital eco-system around a relevant SEO strategy in relation to your objectives. I set up a complete project monitoring to monitor the implementation of my actions and associated performance. I also provide competitive analysis on your market. Finally, I automatically integrate the analytics part into all of my freelance SEO services Delhi.

SEO and Google expertise

I am an SEO freelancer in Delhi specializing in internet traffic acquisition. Coming from the agency world, I had the opportunity to work for large accounts.

Today I deploy my expertise in paid and natural SEO (SEA & SEO) to the services of people who, like me, wish to make a living from their activity. I define a traffic acquisition strategy directly related to its objective.

I thus accompany my clients to give them the weapons towards a lasting referencing. I know how to position your activity on search engines, in most cases, it is an SEO strategy that requires time and patience. My offer is for you if you are not afraid to put your hand in the pie to manage to maximize your traffic intelligently with the advice and human involvement of a best SEO expert in Delhi. Official Google Partner (Google Partner), I am a certified Google Adwords (Google Ads) and Google Analytics.

Why work your SEO together?

I don’t count my hours spent improving your performance

As a freelance SEO expert in Delhi, my timetable is very flexible to guarantee optimal availability. I don’t count my hours spent on the phone or meeting with you. I make sure that the need is quickly and well-identified to avoid unnecessary back and forth. All my tasks are justified to you to allow you to monitor and evaluate my performance. Text validation, encrypted report, audit, and optimization report, nothing escapes you! I work as an SEO agency with only one difference: flexibility, the real one.

I am one of those freelancers living elsewhere to take advantage of a more optimal working environment to carry out projects. It is therefore as an SEO freelancer Delhi that I optimize your SEO in the best conditions

My objective is mainly oriented towards a constant smoothing of your costs in order to make you less dependent on paid traffic. I optimize your SEO and your SEA jointly to achieve this

Training: Finally, if time allows, I support you towards complete autonomy by training your teams or yourself in the management of SEO issues.

Let’s talk about natural referencing

Natural referencing or SEO for Search Engine Optimization, is the art and the way of understanding the functioning of the algorithms of an engine like Google to properly position a website on keywords with high marketing and commercial value in order to increase its natural traffic. Unlike advertising, SEO requires no advertising investment.

SEO is a subject whose complexity is not limited to a single rule. Semantics, branding work, and technique are the three pillars to optimize in order to claim good positioning and improved traffic.

To meet these three criteria, I always set up an audit work followed by an SEO action plan.


1 – Auditing: an essential step in my work as an SEO expert

A natural referencing strategy is inseparable from an upstream analysis of the state of health of a website. Even the smallest of audits is essential to carry out an SEO project. Discover below the components of the studies that I carry out starting with the competitive analysis.


Analyzing your traffic will allow us to understand the importance of one channel compared to another and thus define priority axes of SEO optimizations.


In this study, I analyze the positioning of your competitors in comparison with yours to focus your SEO strategy. Traffic, page auditing, and link auditing are all there.

The heart of the SEO audit is defined by the off-site and on-site analysis of your site. The off-site will determine the optimizations to be carried out outside the site (Netlinking and E-reputation) while the on-site will highlight the improvement sites on the site (content and technique).


We analyze the incoming links on your site. Our objective: clean up if necessary and initiate a good effective and thematic backlink strategy.


We crawl your site in order to bring out a detailed report of your URLs. Markup, metas, duplicate content … nothing gets through.

2 - Define an SEO action plan according to your targets

Once the analysis is complete and the improvement factors determined, I set up an action plan that is most of the time similar to an editorial and structural plan for the content of your website. It is in this sense that I specialized in semantic SEO to be able to install solid bases before all actions of netlinking. Below you will find details of my post-audit service


A real knowledge of your target/persona will ensure you a healthy and lasting content strategy. I take the time to work on this point before any action on your pages. Analyzing and understanding the research intentions behind each request is the main foundation of this work.


It is the raw material for the optimization of semantic optimization. It requires a certain rigor and time to correctly define the main keywords. Without it impossible to provide content-rich in vocabulary.


Your web pages must present unique texts, each presenting very distinct themes. Analyzing this well to understand the value of each is an essential step to define the right actions to operate on your site.


The semantic analysis helps us to set up the “semantic cocoons” of your site in order to properly structure and create a simple, fast, and efficient reading direction for your prospects and for the engines.

3 – The implementation and monitoring of performance

Once the strategy is defined, all you have to do is put it in place and ensure regular monitoring of the results. We look at the daily positioning of your pages on the requests we are targeting and the site traffic generated by them. Thus we will judge the relevance of the strategy put in place and, if necessary, we make adjustments to keep the focus on performance.


This allows us to monitor your positions against your competitors on a daily basis. To establish occasional mini audits to make quick check-ups as well as to evaluate new semantic opportunities. The tool also allows us to follow your backlinks well.


If it is not already the case, I connect your site to Google tools (Google Search Console). This action allows us to have control over the indexing tools of the engine to ensure better control over the indexing of your pages and other problems associated with natural referencing.


In the case of a complete implementation of the SEO strategy, I take care of the editorial planning and the writing of the text content. Each content produced is optimized for SEO. I use writing assistance tools based on learning machine technologies.


Analytics tracking is only possible if you have a Google Analytics traffic analysis tool. If this is not the case I automatically integrate the establishment of a markup of your site to follow traffic and business actions (contact requests, sales, turnover …)

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services

1st stage :- CONTACT

On the phone or by email (I prefer a good oral discussion). The idea for me is to understand your needs and especially your goals


I analyze your market and I establish a strategic and budgetary approach to meet your objectives. I thus define the priority actions to be implemented

3rd stage :- ONLINE PLANNING

I set up planning actions to be taken with their progress. This allows you to see in 1 seconds where the project is.

4th step -TRACKING

You give me your hand or you put me in direct contact with your developer to make up for tracking and traffic analysis and indexing errors.


In what framework does freelance SEO expert Delhi work?

As a specialist in natural referencing, I put my knowledge of the science of positioning on search engines at the service of a client who wishes to increase his visibility and his traffic on the internet, it does not matter his sector. 

The best SEO freelancer Delhi must respect the framework of Google’s recommendations in terms of positioning. If the SEO consultant applies to implement good practices in terms of content, structure, and netlinking, results are possible. He cannot promise or commit to a result independent of his work as an SEO (final sales, the evolution of a conversion rate, etc.). If it does, ask yourself 3 times the question. 


If the SEO expert applies methods that aim to bypass the search engine guidelines, he takes the risk of suffering heavy penalties. this is called a Black Hat versus White Hat, this is why an expert in this field must inform you of such actions so that you can measure the risks and validate or not validate his decision.

What will most influence the results of an SEO consultant?

This question is not trivial because it aims to point the fingers the most important part in the fact of positioning a site in 1st position of a search engine:

The contents

Content is king, since it is it that is identified and judged by both the engines and by Internet users/prospects.

Without content, no soul.

In 2020 the notion of content goes beyond the textual content of your pages. In fact, it is important to vary the types of content to meet ever-increasing demand and ever more precise algorithms.


Indeed netlinking brings to your website a certain authority in the eyes of Google. When you know that this is a clearly favored parameter in your algorithm, it is almost impossible to do without it unless you implement an important content strategy that goes beyond the simple editorial strategy.

Case Studies

Allows us to make you understand the way SEO works and optimization on your website is performed. With our freelance SEO services Delhi , you will achieve the desired business results.

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