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Soni Bharati , An SEO expert in Mumbai

SEO democratizes access to the start-up market. But SEO is not easy to set up without the help of the best SEO expert in Mumbai. Contact me before start working and see results of my work.  I am based in Delhi, and I can help you with your SEO in India and internationally.

Why invest in SEO?

  • Targeting potential customers when looking for a product like yours on Google provides a higher conversion rate than any other marketing channel.
  • SEO can represent up to 50% of your turnover
  • Thanks to SEO you will get traffic even if your brand is not yet known
  • First-year requires more investment, but ROI will last forever
  • SEO will determine the structure of your site, your content strategy, and your PR strategy

SEO is the basis of any digital strategy. If you want to sell online, SEO must be your priority

What do I do differently from other SEO freelancers in Mumbai or SEO agencies?

The problem with SEO is that it straddles technical management and marketing. As a result, no one wants or can take care of it, and the recommendations are very difficult to implement. SEO is complicated, SEO is long term, SEO is counter-intuitive. In short, SEO is not sexy…

This is why I offer SEO expert services in Mumbai that help you throughout the process:

  • I start by auditing the site, the competition, and the industry and I produce the first strategic recommendation which I present to the client during a session – workshop. The recommendations relate to keywords, technique, content, and backlinks. It usually takes me 5 days for a small site.
  • I refine the strategy and I develop a roadmap with the client, taking into account their feedback in terms of feasibility. Priorities, optimization of existing content, technical modifications, selection of suppliers, implementation of reporting, etc. This generally takes 2 days per month for 6 months.
  • Finally, once the site is technically optimized for SEO, that the relevant content and backlinks are set up, I set up a follow-up: support for the creation of content and the creation of links and reporting. It takes about a day a month for a small site

The time spent is estimated based on my previous SEO missions, but I always send an exact count of the time spent with billing to be completely transparent with my customers.


Top SEO consultant in Mumbai

I offer you the best actions and advice to improve the web positioning of your projectIf what you need is to update your website and enhance your company, we offer you the best services to optimize it and attract more customers. We help you increase the traffic of your website and reach the levels you need so much with your company or business.

SEO audit

I offer you the guarantee of my extensive experience as a Mumbai SEO expert and web designer. First of all, I will thoroughly analyze your project on the web or the site you have already created. Through this analysis, I will be able to evaluate and take the best actions and I will develop the necessary tools that are required to be implemented to correct the errors that have not allowed you to achieve a better position on the web. Likewise, I will analyze the necessary changes that guarantee you to better position yourself against the competition.


After you have run the audit process, we will make decisions to make the necessary changes. For this we will apply the strategies that will allow your company to appear in the first places of the search engines and we will quickly improve your SEO on page. SEO strategies that quickly reflect changes on your site, optimizing and streamlining the requirements of your company or business and reflecting on your website while improving its positioning.

Link building

I offer you excellent link building strategies to get the best SEO on the web of your business or company. For this, it is essential to have quality links that improve the positioning of your website in search engines such as Google. For this, it is necessary that we carry out the most appropriate strategies that allow us to have the best backlinks, which are inbound links and techniques that positively influence the positioning of your company on the web.

Reasons to do SEO to position yourself

We are sure that currently in the development of a digital project we all think about the importance of positioning through traffic for your business. Surely you want to place your page among the first places in the search engine and that the potential client wants to enter your site. But the traffic that we can find for our website is only a figure and placing your website in the first place of a search engine is not a guarantee that you have the best site or that you remain loyal to your clients or attract potential clients.

Ideally, the best SEO strategies are developed to improve positioning and your content is also the answer for what customers or potential customers are looking for.

In this way, the importance of SEO and Web Positioning Mumbai offers you the guarantee of a trained professional who knows and applies the appropriate techniques and strategies to achieve the best results, aimed at the clients or potential clients of your website and being the answer to your need.

By responding positively to the need that the user is looking for on the web, that is, that need to buy a product or contract service, we already have much of the way won. In this way, we have improved the positioning and gained traffic that we achieve with SEO, which is of great importance for your website. And all by combining the appropriate techniques that allow us to capture the attention of your potential client, this being the main objective of your company or business.

Web positioning in Mumbai

My experience as an SEO specialist in Mumbai will allow me to address every point necessary for your company to grow through organic traffic, which translates into the number of visits and better quality. Also, I will increase the chance that your website will be seen first of all. Below, I explain some of the most important points that I will address to achieve it:

SEO audit

This means that I will analyze in detail the purpose, strategies, and scope of your website according to the objectives of your business to be sure of the size and need of your project and the resources you have.

I will identify your target audience

I will identify your ideal client according to the objectives of your company or business and we will know their tastes and needs to give them the answers and solutions they are looking for.

Keyword research

I offer you this ideal strategy in online marketing that will allow me to find the keywords that you must take into account in your SEO strategy to improve the traffic and sales of your website.

I will improve your accessibility and navigation structure

It is important that your website is easily accessible and quickly located by search engines and your navigation structure is easy to use for all types of users.



The key factor that I offer you,  improving your link profile, quality links, keywords of your business that truly bring users to your website and allow you to achieve the position you want.

SEO On Page

It guarantees you the optimization of your page once the SEO audit is done, in order to have a really quality positioning and facilitate the classification of your website in the search engines.

Digital analytics

To make the necessary modifications, I  resort to analyzing the results obtained through professional-quality web analytics and SEO tools and periodically monitoring the results obtained.


It refers to the  optimization of the loading times  of your website. For this, I will offer you the best service that will help your page to show all the content in the shortest possible time.

Local SEO

It is essential that your clients or potential clients find you there where you offer your services or sell your products.  I will enhance your page so that it is easily located in local searches.

Qualified traffic

I really help you to what you really need:  attract the most traffic and generate the visits that attract potential clients and thus receive the benefits of SEO.

Hire SEO expert South Mumbai

In digital marketing, a widely used term is web positioning or search engine optimization ( SEO ). Although sometimes, if you are not an expert in web marketing or do not have basic knowledge of the internet, its meaning and tangible scope are difficult to understand.


What is web positioning?

The search engine optimization or SEO comprises a series of actions that are intended to be placed in the first places or positions of search engines to online pages in particular.

The objective of achieving SEO web positioning for a physical company, an online store, a post or informative web page, and others similar, is that when users carry out searches related to a product, service or specific information that directly relate it, Find your website at the top of the search engines. 

When a web page manages to be in the first pages of results, it will have a better reputation and will be visited by more users . This translates into an increase in web traffic and in turn, greater profits or income.

Requirements for a web page to be positioned in the first places of search

  • The website must have high-quality SEO content . Hence the importance of hiring a Seo expert or copywriting company to handle the content of the website.
  • Keywords must be used relevant and related to the type of website or company.
  • On-site strategies should be used to improve web positioning.
  • You must have an appropriate and striking web design for users.

It must be remembered that, if a web page is positioned in the first places of the searches, it will bring a series of incalculable benefits.

In short, web positioning is the optimization of a web page to improve its position in the various online search engines. The positioning web serves to increase greatly shape the web traffic and thus achieve more by visiting users in an online page in particular. To get there, it is advisable to hire SEO experts in Mumbai or related companies to help you correctly position the website.  

Analysis, Analytics & Reporting

I have a team of experts who love to analyze the data about the user search, keyword search, etc. and bring you the reports on every aspect of the search engine marketing campaigns; you are performing. So, with us, the task does not end up at preparing the useful ads for the drive but much beyond that.

Create high-Quality Leads

When you rank well, you convert well. My innovative  SEO search engine marketing experts use the most-used keywords to bring an impressive lead to your business and help you generate more traffic and revenue. If you are looking for the leads, Soni Bharti focusses not only traffic but strives for quality traffic to your website.

Content Strategy & Marketing

I understand the value of good content to present your business and put forth your ideas into words. My search engine marketing consultant focuses entirely on guiding you for valuable and engaging content for your site as well as for the other online channels you use. Their experience adds to the value. Increase Organic Traffic.

Better Conversion

With the best use of the popular phrases, resulting from my in-depth analysis, I bring you the deserving organic traffic. The linking of the search directly to your website helps to build the trust of the users. I bring you the likely results from the organic search at a competitive search engine marketing pricing.

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services

Keyword Research

My team of experienced search engine optimization digital marketing professionals pinpoint the useful keywords and use them effectively in your website content.

On page recommendation

My team of experienced search engine optimization digital marketing professionals pinpoint the useful keywords and use them effectively in your website content.

Off Page Recommendation

I not only take care of the company website but also considers efficient link building, compelling content, and other useful search engine marketing methods for effective internet campaigns.

Ad Campaign Design

I have a team of experts who use social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,etc. to run the productive ad campaigns as a part of search engine marketing techniques.

Request an appointment, and let's talk about your project

If you are from Mumbai and want to meet with me, select the day and time that you are available from the calendar. On the other hand, if you are outside Mumbai, we can talk on the phone or make a videoconference (Skype) on the day and time that you indicate in the calendar. I highly value the web positioning of a brand within my web design, I have helped multiply the digital presence of countless companies. Every aspect of each of the web pages I have designed is optimized to integrate business metrics, optimizing for conversions, sales, load times, and registrations. I will make sure that your website helps you achieve this.


Case Studies

Allows us to make you understand the way SEO works and optimization on your website is performed. With our search engine marketing services , you will achieve the desired business results.

Feel free to talk to us

As I have the passion, knowledge and skills to create a beautiful yet user-friendly website, you shouldn’t waste time and avail the best search engine marketing services and outshine your competitors in any industry. Feel free to consult us, if you have any queries regarding the services or search engine marketing pricing, I will be more than happy to help you.

I am at your disposal to answer your questions & discuss your needs together



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