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Freelance Seo Consultant UK Who are you?

My name is  Soni Bharti and I am a professional SEO consultant. I am a freelance SEO consultant and digital trafficker in the UK, and I do Seo consulting work for companies or individuals who are located throughout the UK and also outside of the UK.


I do not offer miracles, just work, a lot of work well done. Respecting the Google guidelines and avoiding any penalty.

In a short time, your website will be positioned at the top of Google and Your business will receive constant traffic from customers interested in your product or service.


  • I work with the best keywords used by Google users related to your business, in this way we will connect with users interested in your products or services.
  • I constantly monitor the positions of your keywords, which allows us to know the evolution of the positioning of your website constantly and correct the strategy.
  • I continuously develop and adapt the contents of your website to optimize SEO positioning and allow both users and Google to fully understand what your website offers. 
  • I continuously monitor the internal factors and code of your website, correcting errors and optimizing with good technical SEO, the loading speed of your website and other SEO factors on SITE.
  • I will design and develop a content strategy that attracts the interest of new users and potential customers, offering them interesting content that will answer their queries on Google. 
  • I will register your business or optimize it if you already have it active in Google My Bussiness, allowing users of searches and Google maps to see your business and can interact with it.
  • I will design and develop a link building strategy that achieves quality links to your website, capable of increasing your reputation and authority vis-à-vis Google and your website visitors.
  • Every month you will receive a detailed report on the evolution of the positioning of your main keywords in searches on PCs and mobiles. In addition to the evolution of the visibility of your website.


Did you know…

  1. If you hire my SEO expert services in UK you will generate more visibility, and therefore you will get more clients and more income.
  2. Apart from working as your freelance best SEO consultant in UK, I am going to guide you and teach you how to do it yourself, that is, it is a service in which I execute and teach you so that you do not depend on third parties.
  3. If you do not hire me, you will lose the opportunity to have a recognized business, to generate contacts, to receive proposals and to generate more clients. Visibility is nowadays a very difficult thing to achieve and a business without visits is a project destined to fail.



Experience in more than 5 years in the SEO-SEM and Online Reputation Sector working with both individuals and companies, where I have learned everything necessary to grow your project on the internet, and because I like to be up to date in my work and I do not stop to learn. I also have accreditations and qualifications as a professional freelance SEO specialist in UK.

Improving the SEO of your website for your e-commerce

Positioning a website requires technical knowledge that only a freelance UK SEO consultant can provide. A freelancer worker must adapt to the needs of the e-commerce with which he works, websites of this type must attract customers thanks to an SEO optimized position, so that they attract customers naturally. A freelance SEO consultant UK It is the perfect solution to achieve this, however, finding a suitable professional is not easy. SEO and project go hand in hand. Positioning a website requires a series of knowledge that goes beyond the tactics and techniques that affect SEO as such. To start, it is necessary for a freelancer worker specialized in SEO to assess the state of your website. We must identify the strengths and deficiencies of the page itself so that we can optimize those aspects that are positive, repair the components that weigh down the positioning and include tactics that have to do with positioning the web and that are not being carried out. SEO web positioning begins with a prior evaluation. Once we know the state of the web, it is time to establish tactics and strategies that allow us to achieve our goals. Not all positioning projects are the same, so an SEO consultancy must be prepared to take on all kinds of challenges. A Freelance SEO consultant UK helps us to know the state of our website or e-commerce, however, these websites need intense subsequent work that is continually updated. Improving the SEO position is a matter of knowing the web, the search engine, the company and the public. By managing these variables we can ensure that an online store achieves better results, both economically and in terms of visits and other criteria related to the website itself. One of the advantages of web SEO is that we can measure absolutely everything. Each of the statistics that affect our website is registered and can be analyzed, however, it requires the professional work of an expert SEO UK to take advantage of this type of information. Improving a website improves its positioning, so the work, both internal and external referring to the web, must be carried out by an expert freelance consultant.

SEO freelances as consulting and technical positioning

Knowing the public and the search engine in which we want to position ourselves, usually, Google is also essential. Marketing has long told us that we cannot compel the public to follow us, it is easier to be present where the public awaits us, and today the public is on the internet, specifically Google. An SEO freelancer UK  must know Google, keep updated and manage the tools that will allow him to position the web SEO of a client in relation to any change that the search engine proposes. Knowing the public is also necessary, the SEM or positioning of payment is based on reaching the user through keywords, an SEO project that includes pay per click must begin with the exhaustive analysis of the public regarding our sector. As an expert freelance SEO consultant, We also want to help you optimize your SEM campaigns and help you improve. In any case, regardless of the type of project we are carrying out, the ultimate objective of any SEO campaign is to improve the SEO position of a website, so that it generates more traffic and receives more visits, this will translate into more sales in most cases. But positioning a website is not easy, it requires an expert freelance SEO consultant, able to update your knowledge and carry out a job tailored to the needs of each company. From our SEO page web positioning we not only help you optimize your website, we also give you the best tips so you can find a freelance SEO consultant adapted to the needs of your online store so that your visibility on Google increases through an SEO position appropriate to your expectations. Organic positioning and SEM may seem enough to position a website, however, an SEO project must include other specific tasks such as content strategy, social media or web design. If we want to obtain the benefits of a professional SEO, the freelance SEO consultant must handle all these aspects of the positioning.



I am a consultant Seo Sem with over 10 years of experience working with both individuals, companies or agencies Seo that outsource their SEO campaigns to SEO consultants like me.

I am an accredited Seo Consultant with a Master in SEO and SEM professional, social media management. In short, I have the necessary knowledge and the appropriate experience. Do you want me to help you with your SEO sem campaign?


 I will study your case and make a custom SEO budget, based on real objectives so that you pay only what is necessary, no more, no less. I can work hourly or monthly, depending on your needs or budget you have.

He will always be honest and I will advise you on what is best for you and your business. Will you let me advise you?


 I will always be there when you need me. As a best SEO expert in UK 100% operational via Skype, Whatssapp, E-mail, telephone, etc …

I like that my clients are happy and that they value my work as a freelance SEO specialist in UK, that is why I am always online or operational to solve all their doubts and that they know at all times how their project is going and what their money is spent on.

Video conferencing and regular reporting on the performance of your SEO or PPC campaigns.


I work with the best Seo tools, such as Screaming frog, Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, Sistrix, and I am a member of several Se @ s groups.


My Seo work methodology is very simple: Communication-Seo Analysis-Study-Strategy-Implementation-Results Test-Optimization of improvements.


Content Strategy & Marketing

Communication between client and freelance SEO consultant must be constant. I will keep you aware of the progress and results obtained, as well as the opportunities that as a seo consultant in web optimization I will recommend to take the promotion of your website to another level.

Study and analysis

Every SEO consultant must carry out a preliminary study of the website to position, and thus detect possible failures and document them all in detail, and offer solutions to correct them. At the level of coding and errors, web speed, web architecture, content, link profile, etc …

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services


The freelance SEO consultant must carry out a content SEO strategy. Carry out an analysis of those competitors and thus develop a strategy to do better than them. Elaboration of the SEO Of Page strategy to increase the relevance and authority of those pages that we want to position.


Nothing is done by magic, everything has a job and planning. The implementation of those points defined in the strategy to correct those errors and enhance those weak points to opt for better indexing and positioning in google.

Test results

Every freelance SEO consultant must have a periodic and exhaustive control of the evolution of the positions of the web for certain keywords, as well as analyze their inbound links for the changes made in it and control the competitors. The SEO consultant must be a specialist in web analytics, interpreting with ease the information offered by tools such as Google Analytics.

Enhancement optimization

The freelance SEO consultant interprets the data of the results and makes the changes he believes necessary to reinforce the positions achieved or enhance those URLs that need it most. You must communicate all relevant data to the client. It is practically going back to point one and starting the SEO process again.

With my consultant services you will earn:

A fully optimized website

A website optimized for SEO and online marketing. Something essential to convert customers today into sales.

You will be able to generate more contacts and more clients

Visibility is nowadays a very difficult thing to achieve and a business without visits is a project destined to fail.

You will learn Seo and Marketing

With my SEO consulting services UK, I will not only work you myself, but I will guide you and teach you how to do it yourself. This way you will learn not to depend on third parties.

I will show you the hidden secrets

With my teachings, you will learn and understand my work better. I will show you the latest techniques and secrets to position any website.

Case Studies

Allows us to make you understand the way SEO works and optimization on your website is performed. With our search engine marketing services , you will achieve the desired business results.

Feel free to talk to us

We speak without obligation. You tell me what you need for your project or business and me as an SEO expert in the UK help you to get it.



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