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Best SEO Expert in USA

Do you need to grow your business? Do you want to reach more users on the internet? You are in the right place.

Do you need an SEO expert in USA? If you are here, you want your project to stand out from the rest, therefore you need: 

  • Position your website in Google and other search engines
  • Increase the sales, visits, and visibility of your brand, product or service
  • That your website has the relevant and appropriate keywords for your target audience.

As the best SEO expert in USA, I will analyze your niche and your competition, I will optimize your website at the architectural level, taking into account words and semantics. I will also create a specific and personalized plan appropriate to your needs. As a result, you will get an optimized and attractive website for search engines and your clients.

Best SEO Consultant in USA

I collaborate with teams, with SEO companies in the USA and I also offer my services as seo inhouse. If you want more information you can contact on the web or through the chat.

I currently accept SEO projects in the USA,  but as each client is unique I also work as a freelance SEO consultant in USA, I will analyze your project together to determine the best way to work that is profitable to achieve your goals and that the work done can be monetized as soon as possible.

specialized SEO Consultant is necessary when, after the work carried out, the desired results are not seen and the intervention of an expert in search engine positioning becomes necessary, who is up to date with the necessary changes to implement on your website.

As the best SEO specialist in USA, I will help you achieve your goals and grow your business by improving your visibility in the different search engines.

Freelance SEO consultant USA

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has evolved a lot in recent years and will change significantly in the future. Google constantly changes algorithms to improve search results. For this reason, it is important that the website is friendly to search engines and also to users.


My name is Soni Bharti. I work as a freelance SEO consultant and search engine optimization consultant with clients from all over the USA. I have more than 10 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. My clients already number more than 50 small and medium-sized companies and several large-scale projects. So if you need SEO optimization anywhere in the world, I can help you.

I focus on ROI. Based on your business goals. Together we will make clear and exact changes to achieve the objectives set.

I have experience in White Hat SEO. I work with advanced SEO techniques to make your website 100% search engine friendly and rank high. My SEO experience will help you get maximum results from your website. As a freelance SEO expert, I have collaborated with many companies to get more visits and more sales from their websites.

As an expert freelance SEO consultant, I like to work with clients from USA or help foreign clients position themselves in this country.


What do I do as a freelance SEO Consultant USA?


 Do you have a website where you sell services or do you want to publicize your brand? I can help you gain the visibility you need by creating a strategy aimed at improving SEO positioning for your website.


 Do you have an online store and want to reach customers organically? As an SEO consultant USA, I will help you create and execute a strategy that helps you appear on the front page for terms that are related to your business and increase the sale of your products.

My affordable freelance SEO services in USA

Keyword Research

I carry out studies of keywords and search intentions with the aim of knowing how users search for the different products or services of your business.

Web audit

I carry out web audits to know the real status of your web page in terms of web positioning. The objective is to know which elements are fine and which need to be optimized or corrected.

Web Structure

Based on keyword research, web auditing, and competitor analysis, I create and implement the best information structure to benefit user experience and content tracking.

Content Marketing

To improve organic positioning, it is necessary to create new content and optimize existing content following an editorial strategy based on keyword research and the customer’s customer journey.

SEO On Page

I correct and optimize all the internal elements of your website that affect SEO positioning such as meta tags, web speed, indexing, etc. with the aim of achieving better positions.

SEO Off-Page

I correct and optimize all the external elements to your website that affect SEO positioning such as link building, social bookmarking etc. with the aim of achieving better positions.

Local SEO

I carry out strategies and optimization of local SEO with the aim of increasing the visibility of your business within the near impact area thanks to platforms such as Google My Business.

International SEO

 I carry out strategies and optimization of international SEO with the aim of increasing the visibility of your business in those countries and languages ​​in which you work. Each language needs a different strategy.

Online Reputation

 I do online reputation work to eliminate all those negative results about your brand from the first pages of search results. Improve confidence in your brand!

Tell me your project

The first thing is to know where you are, what your goals are to achieve and the main elements that surround your business.

Keyword Research

Once your needs are understood and with a greater knowledge about the project, it is time to carry out Keyword Research. This way I will be able to know the main terms that are related to your project.

SEO Audit

I understand the value of good content to present your business and put forth your ideas into words. My search engine marketing consultant focuses entirely on guiding you for valuable and engaging content for your site as well as for the other online channels you use. Their experience adds to the value. Increase Organic Traffic.

Proposal to improve your SEO Positioning

After knowing the real state of SEO positioning of your website, I will create a strategy that suits your needs and allows your business to grow.

Monthly reports

Once we start working, I will send you monthly reports in which you will be able to know the evolution of your project.

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services

Keyword Research

My team of experienced search engine optimization digital marketing professionals pinpoint the useful keywords and use them effectively in your website content.

On page recommendation

My team of experienced search engine optimization digital marketing professionals pinpoint the useful keywords and use them effectively in your website content.

Off Page Recommendation

I not only take care of the company website but also considers efficient link building, compelling content, and other useful search engine marketing methods for effective internet campaigns.

Ad Campaign Design

I have a team of experts who use social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,etc. to run the productive ad campaigns as a part of search engine marketing techniques.

FAQs - SEO Consultant USA

What is SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization in English, is a discipline of digital marketing whose function is to detect, correct and optimize different elements within a web page so that different search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. they can read them correctly and thus reach the first page of results.

What is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant is a professional with extensive experience optimizing web pages and whose functions are focused on the use of techniques that favor the optimization of a website, with the aim that it reaches the first positions within the results pages of the different seekers.

How much does an SEO Consultant charge?

The fees of an SEO consultant vary depending on the experience of the professional, as well as the difficulty and estimated work hours according to the project to be carried out. If you need more information, contact me.

As the best SEO specialist in USA, I do not have fixed prices established, but I study each of the projects that come to me through the contact form and respond in a personalized way.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a complete analysis of the current state of a web page, in terms of web positioning. Therefore, it is a fundamental and mandatory step for any SEO agency or consultant.

The objective of carrying out this audit is to know exhaustively how the SEO positioning of your website is. For this, both internal and external SEO aspects are analyzed that can negatively affect the visibility of your website.

SEO Audit discovers errors and problems of your web page but also helps to find possible solutions to the problems found.

What is SEO On Page?

SEO On Page is the optimization that every SEO consultant can carry out within a web page to improve their organic positioning.

The vast majority of projects hire an SEO Consultant after spending time on the internet and not seeing results.

As Google, itself states, SEO On Page is made up of hundreds of factors that need to be optimized for the page to rank. The most important and that every SEO Agency or Consultant must take into account are:

  1. Snippets: SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions
  2. Web Semantics: Keywords and Internal Links (Interlinking)
  3. Page content: Titles (H1, H2 …), keyword density, URLs … etc.
  4. Images: Exact size, reduced image weight, and ALT attributes.
  5.  WPO: Website load speed.

What is indexing?

 In order to gain visibility on the Internet, the first thing you must do is index the content on a web page. But, not all the content on a page has to be indexed.

The job of an SEO Consultant is to make Google index only those contents that you want to position and avoid pages that do not provide great information. Thus, the tracking budget that your page has is focused on tracking those that are vital to the business.

To improve indexing, every SEO Agency or Consultant should work on:

  • Sitemap: Suggests Google to index.
  • Robot.txt: Tells Google not to index.
  • Interlinking: helps improve Google’s crawling of a web page.

What is WPO?

For Google, the experience that users have with your website is essential. Therefore, that your page loads quickly and is responsive, that is, it adapts to any device, is essential.

For this reason, an SEO Consultant must detect if there are elements that negatively affect the user experience or slow down the Web and correct everything in their power.

What is LinkBuilding?

Google measures the popularity and relevance of Web pages based on the links that point to it. The more links and the higher the quality of these links, the more important the Web is to Google.

Because of this, every SEO Agency or Consultant must work to gain links to the most interesting pages to position for a Web page. Some of the Linkbuilding techniques most used by SEO Consultants are:

  • Guest Posting
  • Links on related pages
  • Buy links

Why hire an SEO expert USA?

Web positioning is one of the channels with the highest ROI (return on investment). This means that investing in SEO to improve the position of a website or online store will mean an increase in the benefits obtained by it. But doing SEO is not easy, certain technical knowledge is needed to carry out a correct strategy that drives visits to the website.

Therefore, it is advisable to hire the SEO freelance services in USA, who have such knowledge.

It is also important that, although you are an SEO specialist USA, you have transversal knowledge in digital marketing, because certain actions can be complementary to other areas. Furthermore, SEO is constantly evolving so it would be too presumptuous to claim that someone is in possession of 100% knowledge on the subject.

Case Studies

Allows us to make you understand the way SEO works and optimization on your website is performed. With our search engine marketing services , you will achieve the desired business results.

Feel free to talk to us

I have been helping companies and SMEs to get clients through the Internet since 2012 with quality designs and simple and effective SEO positioning plans.

I design and position web pages and online stores to measure, along with effective and reliable support so that your website always runs like clockwork. Contact me, ask for your budget without obligation and discover how I can help your business.  Just tell me what you need and I will make your project come true. 



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